Lonely Too

by Evan Lesniak

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Written by Evan Lesniak


released April 2, 2018

Evan Lesniak - recording, production, mixing, mastering


all rights reserved



Evan Lesniak Los Angeles, California

Musician | Lonely Too - new Album out now!

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Track Name: Two Cents
Waking up at the crack of noon
Smelling like stale perfume
One look around the room
Tells me the night I’ve been through
Even after my hangover fades
I still got records to make
It’s a struggle just to go outside
Having to choose which car to drive
Here are my two cents
You can have the rest

My girl’s mad, wants to talk on the phone
She heard rumors after our rock shows
Many groupies giving head for free
I tell her, she’s the one for me
In my defense I did not get down
Not unless I was tied down
No hardcore just a little spice
For my exaggerated love life
Here are my two cents
You can have the rest

I don’t mean to act this way
Being on the road can make you crazed
People screaming how you’re a god
How could I not get a little hot
Coming down off this great big high
Is how a normal man could die
Returning to regular life
No longer seems a slice of my pie
Here are my two cents
You can have the rest
Here are my two cents
You can have the rest
Track Name: Simple Way
Strung out at home again
Waiting for the end
You’re sick of missing love
Seeing how others it finds
You thought by now you’d find someone
Have this cruel deed done

Then one day you meet
That ole store counter girl
Except you don’t feel the same
Something tells you to behave
It’s the beauty of her skin
The promise of gentle sins

Oh how it is

It’s a simple way
To find the one you love
It’s a simple way
To show the one you love
It’s a simple way
You can’t understand it, nor can I
You’ll be fine

With the bat of her eye
She tells you you’re no fly
Buzzing amidst the confusion
You find the words to say you’re losing
Without her by your side
Making love on the rise

Oh how it is


When your old and age is your pain
There's no need to be afraid
She’ll be there by your side
Comforting you while you die
All because the simple thing
You chose not to hide

Oh how it is

Track Name: Woah, Ho, Ho
There’s something graceful ‘bout a big rig rolling down
Travelling the highway
There’s something graceful ‘bout the way they move around
Doing things their way
At home I got a woman, you know
Who never lets me be away
I just need some relief, truck driver
Take me away

Woah, ho, ho
Woah, ho, ho darling
Woah, ho, ho
Woah, ho, ho

One pulls up, I hop in
Driver caught my eye
Cuz he ain’t no greasy man
But a pretty, American gal
She shows me the cities and flats
I didn’t have a care
Up until we shared love
In the back of her truck


She says, “I gotta go”
So it’s time for me to roll
I hopped out, we said our goodbyes
Suddenly I ain’t feel whole
I call my girl and say hello
She tells me how mad she’s been
As she’s talking, I realize
I love that driver, yeah

[2x Chorus]
Track Name: My Love Only Grows
If nothing stays the same
Why can’t I change
From this shriveled old fool
I’ve turned into
I watch the world go by
From a tower in the sky
The asylum of my mind
Has trapped me inside

I watch your life improve
Cuz I’m stuck here to view
Your lovely, flowing hair
Never held back anywhere
If encountering something new
Or the same things we would do
From a tower in the sky
The world passes me by

Under the stars
Or in a world so far
I will never stop
Longing for you
No matter how hard
Or near or far
My love only grows
For you

Many years of grief
Will turn you into me
Wishing you had the keys
To walk out and be free
Once tempted by the view
It becomes a part of you
Trapping you inside
The asylum of your mind

Track Name: Starbound
I waste the nights away
Staring upwards into space
Dreaming of the days
We’d be here in embrace

One look at the stars and I’m through
They shine bright because of you

You had to spend your life
Making things in my world right
I warned you of the price
But you were shot down in fright

[2x Chorus]

I pray for the day
We meet again in heaven
My love hasn’t fade
When looking up I still see your face

[2x Chorus]
Track Name: Lonely Too
Late nights on the phone
Remind you you’re alone again
The one you want to hold
Is treating you cold again

Oooh, I get lonely too
Oooh, I get lonely too

I watch you wear down
Your smile unwound to a frown
I wish you could see
So desperately, me


I get lonely too
I get lonely too


Forever I’ll wait
Till your heart finally breaks
Together we’ll repair
And do away our despair


I get lonely too
I get lonely too
I get lonely too
I get lonely too
Track Name: Candlelight
Track Name: Only Colour I See
Baby it’s a wonder
I survived at all
I was searching for the answers
When you came along

I knew I had found them
When I looked in your eyes
Since you left I see nothing
But the darkened skies

The only color I see
Is blue

I used to like walks
Feel the breeze in my hair
Every time I look beside me
I realize that you’re not there


Against our love I’ll testify
Missing colors are my reasons why
I’d trade it for one more hue
The one that gets back at you

[2x Chorus]

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